So, you work your fingers to the bone to grow a killer product...

But just assuming that 'the product will sell itself' is a dangerous game.

You need to make sure that your messages to your ICP are perfectly in sync with their desires, or they won't convert.

Hiring me to write your copy will solve that...

- Peep Laja, Founder of CXL

Conversion copywriting combines the persuasive elements of direct response with the modern UX needs of the digital consumer.

Without it, your other growth tactics are extinct. They can only exist in an ecosystem where great copy is the apex predator...

And I've been writing stuff that converts
since I was 10!

Honestly, though, tongue out of cheek…

Copywriters who propose their value on the strength of their English degrees or prodigious spelling bee wins aren’t telling you anything you don’t already know.

So yeah, I’m good with words.  Always have been.  So what?

All other copywriters will be, too.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

Do they GET IT?

Do they get it as good as me?

Unlike other generalist copywriters, I live and breathe this space.

I've devoted 100's of hours to absorbing and processing knowledge:

And I've been trained by the very best in the SaaS copywriting arena:

So, the quick background check...

I’m Cain Smith, a SaaS Conversion Copywriter & Messaging Strategist.

I'm based in Manchester, UK, but I've worked with clients in the USA, Canada, India, Germany and Thailand.

Before copywriting, I spent 6 years in client-facing management roles in the healthcare, education and retail industries.

The most interesting part of that career was figuring out what made my customers tick. I've always had a keen interest in buyer psychology. This interest expanded into the neuromarketing niche.

I wrote for various markets before specializing in SaaS, where I found the unique challenge of acquiring, activating & retaining users with the subscription model was just too exciting to resist.

And what does that mean for you?

Expert copywriting to grow your product's user base

And keep them there. So they'll tell others about you.