How NOT To Grow

Your Freelance Copywriting Biz

Discover the 5 biggest mistakes most copywriters make early in their careers... and how YOU can avoid them, so you don't sabotage your own progress

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Cain Smith

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  • Why freelance copywriting communities & networking groups could bring your career to a STANDSTILL (if you don't follow this ONE golden rule)

  • The "high-leverage" trap so many copywriters compulsively fall into (it seems to be a "millennial" thing!) and what you need to do to achieve success — FASTER — instead

  • The BIGGEST niching mistake in existence! Do this ONE thought exercise to give yourself rock-solid positioning... and watch the clients come to you

  • The most debilitating symptom of "imposter syndrome" that copywriters allow to CONSUME them (and how this will end up being the kiss of death for your business... if you allow it to get to you, too)

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Who's this bald, beardy bloke?

I'm Cain Smith, and my rise through the copywriting ranks has been rapid but bumpy!

I discovered copywriting quite late in life (it wasn't until I was 32 that I took on my first project...)

And in the four years since then, I've built a thriving freelance copywriting business that's seen me write for dream brands such as The Agora and Grant Cardone...

As well as accomplish a HUGE personal goal...which was to retire my partner, Sarah, from owning & running a beauty salon she no longer wanted to be part of.

It's been particularly satisfying for me to take care of my family in this way...

Because after all — for freelance copywriters, especially — building the life we want is every bit as important as hitting our career goals and financial targets.

It hasn't all been plain sailing, though.

You see, I charged into the world of freelance copywriting like a bull in a china shop...

And the DOWNSIDE to that was I ended up making just about every mistake in the book.

I honestly didn't know what I was letting myself in for...

And my mistakes put me under so much pressure and caused me so much stress, I'd have gladly pulled my hair out — if I had any left!

The good news is, though...

I made sure I recovered from my mistakes quickly...

And I followed my nose... paying close attention to what did & didn't work for me.

You could say this email series marks a major "checkpoint" in my journey...

And I want to share my failures and mistakes with YOU (and what I believe to be the most EFFECTIVE ways of AVOIDING them) so you can accelerate your own freelance copywriting journey, too.

That's why I'm revealing to you the FIVE biggest, fattest mistakes I made (or ones I saw other copywriters making) as I climbed the ladder.

These are highly valuable lessons.

If you avoid making even just ONE of these mistakes, you'll make gigantic strides with growing your copywriting business.

If you avoid making all FIVE of these mistakes... you'll leave your peers and competitors choking in your dust!

This is precisely the kind of "career primer" I wish someone had given me... when I first sat down at my laptop, in my Superman dressing-gown, to write my first blog post for just $25.

So don't hang about any longer.

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