Tell your SaaS
story exactly
how your users want to hear it

Hire me to write data-driven,
"Inception" copy for your SaaS product that uncannily connects with your ICP

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Hi, I'm Cain

I'm a SaaS Conversion Copywriter & Funnel Strategist.

When it comes to creating copy for your business, you need to discover your users’ "Why" before they’ll give you that all-important "Yes."

The most effective form of persuasion is self-persuasion.

I discover the beliefs your ICP needs to adopt in order to choose you as their solution. And I write the messages that convert.

I call this "Inception" copy.

We don't "make" your prospect do anything.

I help you guide them towards making the best decision.

Cain Smith

SaaS Conversion Copywriter
& Strategist

I write copy that moves the needle for your business

The Web Copy Win


A website messaging video review, where you'll get deep-dive insight into how to drastically improve your website copy for conversions.  The review will comes accompanied by a transcript, a bonus 30-minute live Q&A, and a 60-day guarantee!

SaaS Funnel Conversion Copy

Done-for-you SaaS conversion copywriting, finely-honed to meet your goals . I’ll tackle your copy projects with ferocious attention to detail.

These services include:

  • Website copywriting
  • Landing pages
  • Email sequences
  • Ads
  • Sales pages

On Demand for a Day


On-Demand For A Day is a service where you get to book my brain and my fleet fingertips for a full 7-hour session to work on whatever you like. From message-finding to auditing, writing to validating…pick your poison.

When you've got a bottleneck, you hire a specialist

Conversion copywriting fits the SaaS industry like a glove.

It’s insanely user-centric, with a heavy focus on using voice-of-customer data to uncover the messaging your prospects and customers need to hear.

Finding someone who "gets it" is hard for you.

I live and breathe SaaS.

my process

My sweet science behind conversion copywriting is a 3-step process...


I zero in on exactly what your users and prospects are thinking and feeling about your product via a smorgasbord of research methods: everything from user testing to surveys to 1-on-1 customer interviews

Writing & Editing

I use the data to excavate the messages that will resonate with your users. Your value proposition will be clearly communicated because your copy aligns with your users’ desired end state

Validation & Testing

Before you get the first draft, I'll validate the copy with user testing and peer review. Then, we’ll follow the 3 Rules of Marketing to optimize your copy for clicks and sales: Test, Test, Test!

What clients have experienced...

'We experienced utmost engagement and heightened website traffic'

Alex Rowbottom

Director, Foundation Recruitment

"Cain's more than just a copywriter, he's a strategist who helps you shape your product messaging. He's got an eye for the wood as well as the trees – that's what really sets him apart."

Matt Conway

Global Marketing Manager, Compettia

'The first words I used when I reviewed the work he did for me were, "I'm blown away"'

Rebecca Hollis

Creator, 'The Growth Tank Method'